Participation of Belgium to the ESFRI Roadmap
DARIAH: Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities

The DARIAH infrastructure is an ERIC, an European Research Infrastructure Consortium which aims to develop and sustain research in all disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences. All member and affiliated countries put their development, know how, competences in common and receive in benefit the development, know-how and competences of the other member countries. DARIAH thus constitutes a network of actors, expertise and services.

Contact persons for Belgium

National representative in the General Assembly of the Dariah ERIC:

National Coordinator, member of the National Coordinators Committee

Coordination of the different entities

  • Coordinator Dariah.BE for the Brussels Walloon Federation
    Paul Bertrand

  • Coordinator Dariah.BE for the Federal Scientific Institutions 
    Johan Van der Eycken
    Algemeen Rijksarchief en Rijksarchief in de Provinciën
    Archives générales du Royaume et Archives de l’État dans les Provinces

  • Coordinator Dariah.BE for Flanders 
    Sally Chambers

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