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Federal Research Programme Drugs
Call for proposals 2018

The research Programmes department of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO) manages the Federal Research Programme Drugs.

The research projects funded in this programme support the « Integral and integrated policy on drugs » adopted on 25 January 2010, thereby implementing the Federal policy Note on Drugs of 2001.

This year, 4 topics are retained for the call for proposal.

Call 2018

This year, the following topics are retained for which research proposals can be submitted:

  1. steroids and anabolics and other performance enhancing drugs - state of the art and lessons for a curative and preventive policy in Belgium
  2. evaluation of the Belgium drugs policy since the Cooperation Agreement of 2002
  3. the role of perceptions, social representations and new media in understanding the drug problem
  4. open scientific contributions to the drugs situation in Belgium

The total budget of this call is 1.34 mio EUR.

Potential applicants shall find the complete description of these topics in the information file of this call.

Information for the respondents

The information file contains all the information needed to submit a proposal in this call.

Mark of Interest

Applicants who wish to submit a proposal under topic 3 (role of perceptions...) or 4 (open scientific contributions...) must imperatively submit a Mark of Interest prior to submitting a Full Proposal.

The Mark of Interest must be submitted before 4 June 2018 at 3PM by email to

Submission form

Research teams who are willing to submit a proposal have to fill out the “full proposal submission form” in English. This document is destined for the scientific evaluation of the proposal (see evaluation procedure in the information dossier).

Closing date of the call

The submission form should be send no later than 29 June 2018 at 3PM by email:

Additional information

If you want to be informed on this call, please contact:

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