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Patterns of drug use among (ethnic and cultural) minorities (PADUMI)

Research project DR/69 (Research action DR)

Persons :

Description :

Even though attitudes and practices of ethnic minority groups in Belgium have been extensively studied in the last decade, little is known about the prevalence and nature of their substance use (alcohol and illicit drugs). It therefore remains an under-researched topic, especially in Europe (Bashford et al., 2004). One of the main reasons lies in conceptual and methodological issues that complicate research on ethnicity. These issues, combined with the multidimensional nature of drug use, fear of accusations of racism and discrimination, and a general lack of minority ethnic health and social care workers and researchers, have created an environment where the theme of ethnicity, drug use and related service provision has been neglected. A necessary first step towards a holistic approach for these specific populations is to establish accurate information on the extent of drug use and its possible determinants.

This project re-unites a multidisciplinary network (sociology, criminology, special education and social work) that has previously performed the Belspo-funded study on ‘Treatment trajectories of drug users from ethnic minorities’ (ZEMIV-project 2006-2007; Derluyn et al., 2008) - aims to help fill this gap.

The general objectives of this research are:

• to contribute to a better understanding of the prevalence and nature of drug use among ethnic and cultural minorities (ECM) in Belgium;
• to unveil the determining factors behind substance use (illicit drugs and alcohol);
• to increase ECM capacity in raising awareness about drug issues within the participants’ own communities;
• and to assess the needs of ECM and articulate them with the actors responsible for planning services.

Specific objectives are set forward:

• to explore the nature and extent of drug use among 4 particular ECM communities in Belgium (Turkish, Congolese and Eastern European communities as well as undocumented minors);
• to identify possible determinants at personal, interpersonal, organisational and societal level of substance use (illicit drugs and alcohol) and abuse in these 4 ECM;
• to assess the needs related to problems of drug abuse in these 4 ECM communities;
• to increase community capacity in raising awareness (knowledge and understanding) about drug-related problems (prevalence, risks and determinants, needs) within the 4 participating communities, and amongst those responsible for planning and delivering services to ECM;
• to include service planners, providers and other key stakeholders in the project from the start by working with 4 ECM community organisations.

Documentation :

Symposium of 16 june 2016 :

  • Program
  • Speech of Muriel Sacco : Ethnicity and migrant Groups
  • Speech of Charlotte De Kock : la consommation de substances parmi les migrants et les minorités ethniques
  • Speech of Tom Decorte : Middelengebruik bij personen met een migratieachtergrond : aanbevelingen
  • Workshop I : Services de santé mentale et la toxicomanie parmi les demandeurs d'asile, les réfugiés et les sans-papiers
  • Workshop II : Toegankelijkheid van de verslavingszorg voor personnen met een migratieachtergrond
  • Press release in Panopticon

    Middelen- en verslavingszorggebruik bij personen met een migratieachtergrond (PADUMI) : samenvatting  De Kock, C. - Schamp, J. - Hauspie, B. ... et al  Brussel : Federaal wetenschapsbeleid, 2016 (SP2649)
    To download

    Déterminants de l'usage de substances des personnes issues de l’immigration (PADUMI) : résumé  De Kock, C. - Schamp, J. - Hauspie, B. ... et al  Bruxelles : Politique scientifique fédérale, 2016 (SP2650)
    [To download

    Substance use and service use among people with a migration background (PADUMI) : summary  De Kock, C. - Schamp, J. - Hauspie, B. ... et al  Brussels : Belgian scientific Policy, 2017 (SP2690)
    [To download

    Patterns of substance use among ethnic and cultural minorities (PADUMI) : final report  De Kock, C. - Schamp, J. - Hauspie, B. ... et al  Brussels : Belgian scientific Policy, 2017 (SP2691)
    [To download

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