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Extracts of databases from 5 offices of the clerk of the civil courts of Appeal

Research project AG/DD/003 (Research action AG)

Persons :

Description :

Federal institution benefiting from the support measure: Ministry of Justice.

The objective of this project is the creation of a database developed in SAS which would enable an automatic transfer of data between the 5 civil courts of appeal and their offices of the clerk and the Ministry of Justice. Since a few years, are electronically operational and linked to the Intranet of the Ministry of Justice. Therefore, transmission of statistical information that is still based on paper could gradually be transformed in its electronic equivalent within this project.

This project was followed by a steering committee composed of representatives of the 5 civil courts, the OSTC and the Department of Statistics of the general secretariat of the Ministry. This committee determined the contours of the system and the statistical tables that it should produce. These tables give an insight of the effective functioning of the courts. At the hand of the project, the Ministry took all necessary measures to integrate the system into its own working. It also put up a protocol with the 5 civil courts in order to enable them to have access to the standardized statistical material pertaining to their own functioning. The tables are used as a support for the decision making of courts and the Ministry. The latter also uses these tables in its annual statistic publication. Access is also provided for external researchers, upon demand.

Documentation :

Projet Agora des greffes civils: résumé de la recherche  De Meyer, A.-M. - Dumortier, J.  Bruxelles: SSTC, 2001 (SP0669)
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Agora-burgerlijke griffies project: samenvatting van het onderzoek  De Meyer, A.-M. - Dumortier, J.  Brussel: DWTC, 2001 (SP0670)
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