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Survey on the payments for the civil servants and modernisation of the database on the civil servants

Research project AG/DD/17 (Research action AG)

Persons :

Description :

1. Project 'Modernisation of the database on civil servants'

Project Description:

The modernisation of the hardware equipment in many Ministries will require a corresponding modernisation in the Ministry of Civil Service in the year 1999 to make a good electronic linkage. Unfortunately there is no know-how within the department of Civil Service which could ensure the compatibility of its new tool with those implemented in other departments. Furthermore, the modernisation gives the opportunity to add new categories and data in the database, and to make it easily available for internal and external users. External scientific expertise is required to achieve these goals. The final product will then be a larger and more accessible database on the civil servants.


A specific know-how is needed in order to make the most efficient choices in modernising and broadening the database. This means an evaluation and reporting on the different options and a determination of time scheduled priorities taking into account the needs and constraints of the department. This also includes implementation of new categories, data transfer in a new hardware system, statistical analysis, diffusion of data in a user friendly way. The diffusion of useful information from the database will be developed through constant dialogue with the providers and the users of such information.

2. Project 'Survey on the payments for the civil servants'

Project Description:

Since 1982, the Ministry of Civil Service has the responsibility to construct a database on the staff expenses in the various public institutions of the Federal State. This database should make possible simulations about possible modifications in the legislation. Due to budget restrictions, this was never achieved.


An explanatory survey on the providers and users needs is necessary to back up the efforts of the Ministry on this subject. The survey will give useful information on the following elements: level of aggregation of the data to be collected; information about data sources, user requirements in or outside the public sector; optimal presentation of data (publications, internet...); required means to achieve the whole project.

Documentation :

Modernisation de la Base de Données PData du service d'Administration Général: rapport final  Rondeaux, Giseline  Bruxelles: SSTC, 2001 (SP0671)
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