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Agro-food chain database

Research project AG/DD/33 (Research action AG)

Persons :

Description :

Public institution benefiting from the support measure: Center for Agricultural Economics (CAE).

The CAE is a scientific institution under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture and SME's. One of its new missions is to process economic and agricultural data to get a picture of agricultural chains in each major production sector. One of the main tool to performing this task is a database in which relevant data from the centre and from other sources will be collected and organised.


The scientific team has to support:

- the framework design and the methodological implementation of the database using the different available resources;
- It has also to facilitate data access for the general public via the Internet.

This project was further developed in the Agora-project "agro industrial databases, Sanitel and Animo" (AG/EE/050).

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