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Exploiting the "Time Budget" database

Research project AG/DD/34 (Research action AG)

Persons :

  • M.  GLORIEUX Ignace - Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)
    Financed belgian partner
    Duration: 1/1/2000-31/12/2001

Description :

The purpose of the Time Budget database is to measure the activities and occupations of a sample of individuals in the course of a day. This survey has been linked to the household budget survey. The purpose of this project is the combination of data on household spending and on Time Budget, which shall certainly be very rich from a socio-economic viewpoint.


This methodological support will give the NIS the opportunity to better exploit the data and to make a high-added-value publication. The expected final products will be an improved database exploitable on request, a pilot publication about the results and their sociological analysis to be published in the NIS journal.

Documentation :

24 heures à la belge. Résultats de l'enquête INS sur l'emploi du temps des Belges  Glorieux, Ignace - Vandeweyer, Jessie  Bruxelles: SSTC, 2001 (SP0672)
[To download

24 uur ... Belgische tijd. Samenvatting van de resultaten van het onderzoek naar de tijdsbesteding van de Belgen  Glorieux, Ignace - Vandeweyer, Jessie  Brussel: DWTC, 2001 (SP0673)
[To download

24 hours... Belgian time. A summary of the results of research on the Belgians'use of time  Glorieux, Ignace - Vandeweyer, Jessie  Brussels: OSTC, 2001 (SP0674)
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