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Database on progress management for European regulations (Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Ministry of Social Affairs, ASA)

Research project AG/EE/052 (Research action AG)

Persons :

Description :

Description of the project

Existing database on progress management for European regulations.

Work which must be performed by the scientific team

Utilisation and further development of existing database with a view to policy-preparing research and statistical information. Integration of the rubrics of the information sheet, the impact sheet and the EU negotiation sheet for monitoring the conversion of European directives in the database. Creation of a "forward look": an overview of the new European regulations to be expected per subject and per administration.

Finished product which must delivered by the scientific team

Methodology for optimal use of the information sheet, the EU negotiation sheet, the impact sheet and the database. Functional analysis of the monitoring process for the conversion of European directives (which actors fill in which rubrics at what time). Report on possibilities for statistical utilisation of the information in the database (information, negotiation and impact sheet): make reporting possible at the level of 1 directive or regulation and of the current status with regard to conversion/performance of the entirety of new directives.

Utilisation of the result

a) Implementation of the database and use of the information, negotiation and impact sheets in all federal government departments. Utilisation of the information for policy support and comparison of time required for completing conversion process with other European countries.

b) In a first phase: consultation of the database for government departments via intranet. In a second phase: consultation by the general public (citizens, companies, organisations, scientific institutions, etc.) of non-confidential information.


Administrative Simplification Service.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Ministry of Social Affairs.

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