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Creation of a "central databank" of information relating to property (Ministry of Finance)

Research project AG/EE/060 (Research action AG)

Persons :

  • M.  VAN LAMSWEERDE Axel - Centre d'Excell. en Technol. de l'Information et Communic. (CETIC)
    Financed belgian partner
    Duration: 1/1/2002-31/12/2002

Description :

Project description

As its name suggests, the Cadastre, Registration and Public Property Administration groups together the former Cadastre Administration, the Registration and Public Properties section of the former VAT, Registration and Public Properties Administration as well as the Mortgage Registries section.
Each of these bodies has developed its own IT systems, files and applications within the perspective of their particular missions.

- the Cadastre Administration has developed databases and applications that allow interactive updating of one of its documents: the land register. Its other main document, the cadastral map, is still being updated manually;
- the Registration Administration has developed computerised management of individuals’ movable assets, but still maintains its property documentation manually (mobile accounts);
- computerisation of mortgage formalities began recently.

An examination of the information listed in the land register, mobile accounts and mortgage records quickly reveals their redundant, complementary and specific aspects.
One of the aims of the new ACED Administration managing these three areas of responsibility is to integrate the management of this dispersed information within a single databank and create links to existing databanks addressing the same spheres that are administered by other levels of authority (regions, etc.).

The integration of data relative to movable assets and the data graphics available through the computerised management of the cadastral map (now undergoing digitalisation) will result in a fully-fledged "central bank" of information relating to property.

This "central bank" will aim to accommodate all movable and fixed data relative to the composition as well as value of the assets of all natural persons and legal entities.

Its structuring as a databank will allow it to incorporate data graphics from the cadastral map and therefore produce real added value through the creation of a Geographical Information System (GIS).

This information will be available not only for our traditional clients from public departments (on all authority levels), but also for numerous other sectors of activity, e.g. notaries, firms of consultants, scientific research sectors, political decision-makers, etc. via modern communication techniques (Internet, portal, e-government...) that will guarantee accessibility as well as confidentiality within the framework of rules on the protection of a person’s private life.

Development to be implemented by the scientific team

The internal needs of the administration are well-known. We expect the scientific team to define, as far as possible, a methodology that will allow us to open up external access by defining the needs (information) that certain actors within our society are entitled to expect from such a project in order to facilitate their missions, decisions, studies, queries (statistics, macro-economic studies, parliamentary questions, scientific studies) while avoiding excess workloads in relation to these very same areas.

End product expected from the scientific team

An inventory of the needs of civil society, the scientific community and political decision-makers in these areas, in a way that defines a model allowing responses to be made to all types of request and provides a tool for investigations, studies and decision-making.

Valorisation of the result

a) Procedure for integration within the Institution’s own workings

The project comes in response to one of our administration’s essential missions.

b) Valorisation for scientific circles and the general public

The project aims to contribute to research and studies relative to the assets of citizens and companies, land use, property development, evolution of the property market, etc.


Ministry of Finance: Cadastre, Registration and Public Property Administration (ACED)

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