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Associations satellite account (National Bank of Belgium)

Research project AG/EE/061 (Research action AG)

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Project description

Despite the real interest being created today by the associative sector, the existing statistical mechanism has only a partial understanding of it. To date, Belgium has not had any overall information system for this sector. In the national accounts, the definitions used do not make it possible to isolate the associations sector, which is fragmented and housed in various branches and sectors, thereby compromising its visibility.

The aim of the project presented here is to create an annual associations satellite account, i.e. a set of new statistical tables consistent with the national accounts that are intended to provide assessed series for the associative sector in Belgium. From the international standpoint, this project falls within the framework of the development, under the aegis of the United Nations, of the methodology behind the "non-profit" sector satellite account.

Development to be implemented by the scientific team

The scientific team will have to create an "associations" database based on the various administrative sources of information available within the General Statistics department of the NBB, in particular the "DBRIS" company register, employment and salary data held by the ONSS, results of the structural survey of non profit-making associations and certain results from the national accounts. Furthermore, the project entails the collection of additional information (particularly about associations with no paid staff and voluntary services).

After compiling the information, the team heading the project will need to arrange it in order to establish the satellite account while respecting the methodological recommendations in the field developed at international level.

To do so, the scientific team needs to be well-versed in national accounts, social economics and existing statistical sources. It also has to be familiar with the international recommendations in the field of "non profit" sector satellite accounts.

End product expected from the scientific team

At the project’s end, the scientific team must be in a position to deliver a "turnkey" product to the National Bank, which will ensure the continuity of the satellite account’s establishment. In concrete terms, we expect a detailed description of the methodology used in order to move from basic data on to published series as well as assessed results covering several years.

Valorisation of the result

In the two years following its launch, the project will culminate in the publication, following approval from the National Institute of Statistics (NIS), of consistent statistical series relating to the associations sector in Belgium. Thereafter, the satellite account for associations will constitute a fully-fledged INS publication and will be published recurrently in the same way as the annual national accounts. In order to facilitate its dissemination, direct on-line access to all or part of the results obtained will also be ensured. This will contribute to better information about the sector, both for political officials and scientists as well as the general public.


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