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Validation of the individual part of the social security concept matrix (Federal Ministry of Social Affairs)

Research project AG/EE/070 (Research action AG)

Persons :

  • Prof. dr.  BERGHMAN Jos - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (K.U.Leuven)
    Financed belgian partner
    Duration: 1/1/2002-1/1/2005

Description :

Description of the project.

Validation of the individual part of the social security matrix.

The Agora project (AG/DD/39) ´Harmonisation of the statistical concepts for social security´ (hereafter referred to as the Harmonisation project) was conceived to generate a consolidated picture of the Belgian population by social security and social assistance categories which would be compatible with the international requirements for social security statistics. Besides a characterisation of the existing social security measures, such a picture also presumes an extensive description of the individuals who come into contact with these social security measures.

Within the specifications of the above-mentioned project, a general social security matrix was designed which allows one to describe, evaluate and criticise existing social security policy, at the levels of both the social security measures and the individual. After selecting the variables of the matrix on the basis of theoretical and practical insights, it was time for validation and refinement of the matrix on both levels. As for the level of the social security measures, the matrix was confronted with measures from the work disability sector. The validation of the individual level was limited to making agreements with the Kruispuntbank voor Sociale Zekerheid (KSZ, Crossroads Bank for Social Security) about setting up an administrative panel for social security. This panel, which focuses on both personal and family characterisations, makes it possible - when coupled with the social security measures - to answer the proposed questions.
Although within the framework of the Harmonisation project a first start is given to development of the individual part of the social security matrix, it remains necessary to further validate that individual part. Such validation is the object of the present research project. It will be implemented in three phases.

Work which must be performed by the scientific team.

The validation of the individual part of the social security matrix requires three actions.

Phase 1: the selected variables with regard to the individual (see above) are critically evaluated. This evaluation aims at both the international compatibility of the selected variables and the site of the information called for by the matrix.

Phase 2: the researchers focus on the link between individual and social security measures. Does the social security matrix allow one to shift from the notion of payment to the notion of payment beneficiary in the Belgian social security statistics? On this point, the present project is closely related to the ´Labour Market Data Warehouse´ - an Agora project carried out by the Steunpunt Werkgelegenheid, Arbeid en Vorming (Steunpunt WAV, KU Leuven [Employment-Labour-Training Support Centre]) and Point d´appui Travail-Emploi-Formation (TEF, ULB). In this last project, the WAV and TEF support centres in collaboration with the KSZ created a data warehouse designed to consolidate the dimensions of the Belgian working population. Within the framework of the present project, one must explore together with the WAV and TEF support centres and the KSZ in what form the administrative social security panel can be linked to the Labour Market Data Warehouse.

Phase 3: the dynamic design of the social security matrix is closely scrutinised. When the matrix was conceived, several time variables were included. These were included to enrich the picture by incorporating the dynamics of the social security population beyond social security measures. A coupling of the social security measures from the work disability sector with the administrative panel allows one to test whether the social security matrix satisfies the expectations. Moreover, this coupling makes an initial study on the basis of the matrix possible. The study will concentrate on the distribution of work disability measures over the Belgian population and over Belgian families. In addition, it will devote attention to short-term developments in the distribution statistics.

Finished product which must be delivered by the scientific team.

The finished product of the present research must be a validated social security matrix which simultaneously forms the standard for future data collection with respect to social security and serves as the basis for the Belgian domestic and international social security reporting. Moreover, this finished product must indicate which modernised social security reporting is made possible by the social security matrix. A complete update of the existing Statistical Yearbook of Social Security will only be possible when the matrix is also filled in for the remaining social security sectors (see below).

Utilisation of the result.

After completing the project, the services of the Ministry of Social Affairs, under the supervision of the research team, can begin filling in the matrix for the remaining social security functions. Ultimately, this will permit the Ministry to present data concerning all social security functions on the basis of the new reporting method (see above). The latter will form the basis of a modernised Statistical Yearbook of Social Security. Moreover, the Ministry will also be able to pass on the social security data required by international organisations in the requested format.


Federal Ministry of Social Affairs
Information and Studies Administration

Documentation :

Validation du volet individuel de la matrice conceptuelle de la sécurité sociale : résumé    Bruxelles : Politique scientifique fédérale, 2005 (SP1522)
[To download

Validatie van het individuele luik van de conceptmatrix van de sociale zekerheid : samenvatting    Brussel : Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid, 2005 (SP1523)
[To download

Validation of the individual part of the social security concept matrix : summary    Brussels : Belgian Science Policy, 2005 (SP1524)
[To download

Handleiding voor de implementatie van de sociale zekerheidsmatrix : eindrapport    Brussel : Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid, 2005 (SP1553)
[To download

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