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Permanent income/expenditure matching and modelling

Research project AG/FF/079 (Research action AG)

Persons :

Description :

1. Name of the Institution

Ministry of Finance - Studies and Documentation Department

2. Description of the project

For several years now, the Studies Department of the Ministry of Finance has been managing databases on the incomes of households and on companies. The household incomes database is accessible to external users within the framework of the AGORA research programme.

A first support study, financed by the OSTC within the framework of the AGORA research programme, made it possible to expand the database by including within it the expenditures of households, on the basis of a statistical and anonymous matching with the data from the survey on household budgets.

The support study request concerns the updating and continuation of this work.

- The survey on household budgets is now permanent, so that an annual matching procedure can be developed.
- From a modelling perspective, the contribution of an external research team specialised in demand equation systems would be appreciable

3. Work to be performed

a. By the scientific team

The mission of the research team will be to

- provide one or several matching possibilities which can be directly implemented on the « source » databases which are constituted by the database of the Studies and Documentation Department on household incomes and the data of the National Statistical Institute coming from the survey on household budgets.
- furnish a model of the main taxes on consumption (VAT and excises).
- develop a method for analysing the distributive effects of the indirect tax system.

b. by the public institution

The institution will provide the necessary data on household incomes, in anonymous form, and will give the research team the necessary technical support, including the technical documentation and expertise on the taxes to be modelled.

4. Final product

The final product will be constituted by the joint database and the modelling elements of the indirect tax system.

5. Valorisation of the final product

- The database will form the object of a descriptive publication.
- It can be placed at the disposal of external users, for research purposes only, subject to a promise that strict confidentiality will be maintained and that no data will be passed on to third persons.

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