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Database of statistical information concerning social inclusion

Research project AG/FF/085 (Research action AG)

Persons :

Description :

1. Name of the Institution

Ministry of Social Affairs, Public Health and the Environment
Information and Studies Administration

2. Description of the project

- The Administration is acting as coordinator of the indicators section of the National Social Inclusion Action Plan (open coordination method European Union). The objective is for the Administration to have at its disposal an operational database with coherent statistical series as of the mid-1970´s (if available).
- The Administration needs as complete an inventory as possible of available data concerning Social Inclusion, more specifically concerning the dimensions income, work, housing, education, health, social integration, participation, and so on.
- The Administration thus wishes, via a multidimensional approach, to map out the complex concept of social inclusion. This project is also designed to test the coherence and the validity of the available data. Special methodological attention must be given to the existing panel and administrative files, above all with regard to data-cleaning, weighting and imputation.

3. Missions to be performed

a) by the research team

Construction of a database with valid figure series of the various dimensions of Social Inclusion.

b) by the public institution

- The contacts with the various institutions possessing the basic data.
- The implementation within the existing databases in the administration, in collaboration with the researchers.

4. Final product

a For the research team

- Inventory of the available data.
- Drafting of an accompanying methodological manual, with attention paid to the interpretation of the available data.
- Report on the coherence, with special attention for the relations between the input and output variables.
- A ´Social Inclusion´ database with data from the mid-1970´s (if available) to the present. This database must be constructed in such a way that it offers a maximum functionality to the various user groups.

b) For the public institution

Implementation of the operational database within the existing ICT environment.

5. Valorisation of the final product

a) For the public institution

- The database must support the Administration in its role as coordinator of the indicators section of the National Social Inclusion Action Plan (open coordination method European Union).
- Global report on Social Inclusion.
- The database is integrated into the existing database of the Administration.

b) For the general public

The Administration opens up the database, via the Internet, for researchers and parties interested in the areas of social Inclusion.

Documentation :

De indicatoren van het Nationaal Actieplan Sociale Inclusie : evaluatie en methodologische aanbevelingen  Van Dam, Rudi - Cantillon, Bea - Van den Bosch, Karel... et al  Gent : Academia Press, 2006 (PB6165)

Statistische informatie inzake sociale inclusie : eindrapport    Brussel : Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid, 2004 (SP1442)
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