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Register of health professions

Research project AG/GG/097 (Research action AG)

Persons :

Description :

The ‘federal register of health professions’ is a central databank covering all the recognised health professions (doctor, nurse, midwife, chemist, dentist, physiotherapist, paramedic, psychologist, etc.). The databank currently contains identification details for doctors and physiotherapists.

The following data relating to health professionals are included:

- Identification data (name, first name, National Register number, address, etc.)
- Data about qualifications (diplomas and titles, specialisations and certification, etc.)
- Data regarding personal circumstances (self-employed, employee, founder member of practice, overseas volunteer, retired, etc.)
- Contractual data (consultation address, hours of availability, addresses, telephone number, public key for computer encoding, etc.).

This databank pursues the following objectives:

- administrative simplification between the various partners concerned with these professions (training institutions, public institutions, professional associations, employers, professionals themselves)
- transparency, through publication of validated information that, furthermore, will improve relations between professionals and those between professionals and their patients
- making available of data for statistical uses (planning, geographical spread, etc.) for management of the professions and research

The data will be made available to the following users:

- the ordinary citizen (verification of qualifications and practitioner availability)
- health professionals (search for/selection of colleagues, recovery of their public key, etc.)
- SPF-FOD on Public Health (within the framework of performing its missions)
- other public institutions (SPF-FODs and semi-public social institutions within the framework of performing their missions)
- professional organisations (associations and employers, for identification data, while upholding respect for privacy)
- scientific institutions, for statistical research or socio-economic ends

Data will be listed and compiled automatically within the framework of a Bill, the aim of which is to regulate methods for gathering and using data.

Documentation :

Cadastre des professions de la santé : résumé    Bruxelles : Politique scientifique fédérale, 2006 (SP1648)
[To download

Kadaster van de gezondheidsberoepen : samenvatting    Brussel : Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid, 2006 (SP1649)
[To download

Register of health professions : summary    Brussels : Belgian Science Policy, 2006 (SP1650)
[To download

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