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Virtual library Justice - Police

Research project AG/GG/102 (Research action AG)

Persons :

Description :

The federal Police wishes to create a virtual library on a unique platform based on a web architecture. This library should enable police services to search for and to contextualise information stemming from various open sources in order to favour the interpretation of judicial data and the analysis of criminal phenomena.

The project should define the necessary conditions in order to create this information portal. Two deliverables are expected:

- The first will consist in a feasibility study for the creation of such a virtual library within the Federal Police;
- The second report will present the methodological orientations in terms of usage and maintenance of such a system.

Documentation :

Recherche Agora-Bibliothèque virtuelle: Analyse de la faisabilité du projet et Cahier des charges méthodologique de l'application : rapport final = Onderzoek Agora-Virtuele bibliotheek: Analyse van de haalbaarheid van het project EN Methodologisch lastenboek van de toepassing : endrapport    Bruxelles : Politique scientifique fédérale, 2006 (SP1559)
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Recherche Agora-Bibliothèque virtuelle : résumé    Bruxelles : Politique scientifique fédérale, 2006 (SP1560)
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Onderzoek Agora-Virtuele bibliotheek : samenvatting    Brussel : Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid, 2006 (SP1561)
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Agora - Virtual Library Research : summary    Brussels : Belgian Science Policy, 2006 (SP1562)
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