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Introduction of ISCO codes as part of data relating to self-employed workers and updating of RSVZ-INASTI codes of occupations. Analysis of job mobility and sectoral mobility among the self-employed

Research project AG/GG/113 (Research action AG)

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The 1991 census and socio-economic survey data from 2001 rank self-employed workers in accordance with the ISCO nomenclature of occupations. Under this Agora project, a statistical classification will be devised for self-employed workers in accordance with the ISCO code and based on the results from the socio-economic survey of 2001. A method will also be devised for assigning ISCO codes that is comparable with the NACE classification method. In future, this should also make it possible to divide up self-employed workers statistically in accordance with an internationally comparable code of occupations.

Under the project, a link will also be developed between the ISCO code and the revamped CBS code (CBS = ‘Central Office of Statistics’, Netherlands), integrating a number of new occupational groups more accurately within its code.

The project will also report on the results of ISCO adjudication and shifts affecting occupations within the self-employed sector over the 1995-2001 period.

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