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Monitoring LAnd SUbsidence caused by Groundwater exploitation through gEOdetic measurements (LASUGEO)

Research project B2/191/P1/LASUGEO (Research action B2)

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Description :

5) Use of the geodetic measurements for constraining the geo-mechanical models. Long time series data based on different European radar satellites will be used and processed for historical (before 2021) and more recent acquisitions (till the year 2025) from Sentinel 1A SAR scenes. These different PSI data sets will be used to constrain the ground deformations in each ROI, to map the land subsidence bowls and to follow the land subsidence evolution through time. PSI data will be carefully compared to GNSS/GPS stations data both on a long term base by using the PS points at close proximity through time but also by using artificial corner reflectors associated to GPS stations in several sites and to extract these specific points from the newly acquired Sentinel 1A SAR imagery. Repeated absolute gravity measurements data are also collected since 1996 by the ROB and will be used as another geodetic data tool to correlate the ground deformations with SAR data, GPS stations and finally with the hydrogeological models.

6) Throughout the project, each milestone will be summarised in a digital report and potentially available as an open-access document if no private restrictions are applied. Scientific publications and congresses are foreseen during the project. A dedicated conference to make the link with the stakeholders and end-users will be planned at the end of the project. Lastly, a report explaining different future scenarios on groundwater production/use and their impact at the surface estimating and predicting the potential future evolutions of these aquifers will be communicated as well.

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