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Technological exchange of integrated sustainable land use planning supported by land evaluation and land rehabilitation between LCRC ‘land use /rehabilitation’

Research project BL/C/29 (Research action BL)

Contract BL/M4/C29 :

Duration of the contract :


Partners :

  • Charles University of Prague 
  • Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Centre, China Univ 
  • Universiteit Gent 

Description :

Context and objectives

The Flemish Land Agency (VLM) and Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Centre, the Ministry of Land and Resources, China (LCRC) have agreed on cooperation concerning the exchange of experiences and knowledge and they will also look for further opportunities to cooperate (demonstration projects on sustainable land use).
Therefore the objectives for the VLM were to investigate the relevance of its technology used in developed sustainable land use and the VLM wanted to extend its knowledge and experiences by use of international cooperation in China and Europe. LCRC was interested to cooperate with the know – how and the extended experiences of the VLM. The Ghent University as a partner strengthened the projects in knowledge and experience. For the CAU this cooperation was an opportunity for areas to redevelop in other activities.


• There was a technological exchange between the LCRC and the VLM about sustainable land use planning. This was possible by visiting projects in Belgium and in China and by technological exchange of different inventory methods and studies. There was also a technological exchange of the development of a land use plan in China and Belgium. Furthermore the partners worked out a proposal of a demonstration project in China (Liaoning Province).
• There was also a scientific exchange between the CAU and the University of Ghent. An integrated soil management and soil care programme was set up to implement in a land use project. This soil care programme will be used as an input for the research on a methodology of rehabilitation of contaminated and desolated land.


The LCRC and the CAU improved their knowledge about nature compensation, ecology, landscape, planning systems and hydrology.
This might contribute to a rethinking of the land consolidation systems in China to secure the availability of food and increase of arable land without harming the ecology and environment.
Other interested exchange topics where about re – allotment, water management, rehabilitation, soil management (erosion) and ecological development.

Other future project proposals (in EC-framework a.o. ) can be found in the Final Report

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