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Development of an educational photogammetric package for digital aerial photographs and satellite images

Research project BL/P/07 (Research action BL)

Persons :

Description :

Dr. KACZYNSKI R., Dep. Photogrammetry, Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (IGiK), Warszawa
Prof. CHU L.,The Information Department, National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC), Beijing

The main objective is to produce and complete an integrated educational photogrammetric package. Complete means that all the photogrammetric steps and products will be generated and that all kind of stereo data available on the market could be used. Integrated means that all the processes will be handled within one software package. This will also require the development of a graphical 12 bit image processing interface and to take the stereo geometry of the new satellites into account. This software package will be developed for a PC environment, which is much cheaper than the traditional workstations devoted to photogrammetry, keeping in mind that this product will be developed for educational activities. The possibility of a commercial exploitation of this product is not excluded.
A preliminary step is to verify the availability of local raw data from the different sources
(stereo aerial photos, SPOT P and new sensor images). With respect to China, work is concentrated on the Hangzhou region in order to take advantage of the experience accumulated by the Belgian and Chinese partners in the frame of a previous cooperation programme (cfr.project BL/C/05)

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