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Green Inhibitors: Screening of tropically natural or (agro)-biotechnology products as sources for new eco-friendly materials protection agents

Research project BL/V/13 (Research action BL)

Contract BL/01/V13 :

Duration of the contract :


Partners :

  • Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology VAST 
  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 

Description :

Context and objectives

The use of heavy metal compounds (i.e. hexavalent chromium species) as a corrosion inhibitor (e.g. in paints), or the use of biocides in anti-fouling paints has shown to be a significant environmental problem worldwide, endangering biodiversity in many –especially aqueous– environments. Several countries have already introduced restrictions on the use of some of the most harmful heavy metal coumpounds and biocides and more strict regulations on their use are under completion both at the EU-level and the international level.
The current project wants to discover new, environmentally-friendly corrosion inhibitors, i.e. materials protection compounds, based on tropically natural or cultivated/modified (agro-)biotech¬nology products harmless to nature but still effective to protect metals, metal compounds. Among the whole “world” of unexplored traditional species, we want to examine and explore possibly/probably more efficient, compounds and species around. If some success is achieved, the current project is probably only going to be the first in a row, aiming at screening a series of “high-potential” (based on current scientific insights) organic derivatives.


- Exhaustive world-wide computerized literature survey on the subject and creation of reference information database
The Long-list and Short-list of candidate natural products were selected/created by the Belgian and Vietnamese partners.
- Screening and selection of candidate (tropical) natural or other raw material ‘source-products’ and Extraction and/or production of active biological substances.
The Screening-process was done by VAST based on the short-list created/agreed by both sides.
- Electrochemical tests on standardized metal surfaces (AISI 304, carbon steel, Brass), both in static lab set-ups at KUL lab in different environments (acidic, alkaline and saline) at different temperatures (room & heated) at short- and long-term times, in the 1st year on 4 types of Tropical extracts have been done as pioneer to latter guide the Vietnamese partners.
A methodology to perform tests is defined by the Belgiian partner (KUL). From these results, interesting results observation and analysis procedures were setup for further guide/assistance to VAST researchers at KUL
- Seminars was given at VAST for strengthening their know-how in the field, and setup further long-term test in Hanoi
Seminar was performed by VUB partner at VAST, and tests performed by VAST

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