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BCCM/LMBP Plasmid Collection

Research project C5/17/LMBP (Research action C5)

Persons :

Description :

BCCM/LMBP is a unique plasmid repository in Europe. It warrants the long-term storage and distribution of plasmids, microbial host strains and DNA libraries of fundamental, biotechnological, educational or general scientific importance.

The focus is on the collection of recombinant plasmids that can replicate in a microbial host strain, with main interest for:

  • empty cloning plasmids useful for recombinant (over)expression of proteins of interest in bacteria, yeast, fungi, insect cells, plant and animal cells;

  • (expression) plasmids carrying specific protein-coding genes and derivatives from a wide range of organisms (human, mouse, various bacterial species, ...);

  • expression plasmids with specific non-coding genes such as shRNA and miRNA;

  • plasmids for mouse genetic engineering, allowing the generation of transgenic mice.

BCCM/LMBP also accepts natural and genetically modified animal or human cell lines, including hybridomas, as well as other genetic material, in the safe deposit and patent deposit collections.

BCCM/LMBP provides the following services:
    Public, safe and patent deposit
  • Distribution of material

  • Storage of third party's biological material

  • Scientific services

  • Training and collaboration

Accession, control, preservation, storage and supply of plasmids and bacterial hosts and related information in the frame of public, safe and patent deposits are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Documentation :

- BCCM/LMBP catalogue of plasmids
- BCCM/LMBP catalogue of plasmid hosts
- BCCM/LMBP catalogue of DNA libraries
- BCCM website

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