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Digitisation of photographic plates

Research project DI/07 (Research action DI)

Persons :

  • Prof. dr.  FERNANDEZ Max - Royal Museum for Central Africa ()
    Coordinator of the project
    Financed belgian partner
    Duration: 1/11/2005-1/1/2012
  • Dr.  MULLER Christian - Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (IASB-BIRA)
    Financed belgian partner
    Duration: 1/11/2005-1/1/2012
  • Dhr.  PAUWELS Thierry - Royal Observatory of Belgium ()
    Financed belgian partner
    Duration: 1/11/2005-1/1/2012
  • Dr.  BUELINCKX Erik - Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage ()
    Financed belgian partner
    Duration: 1/11/2005-1/1/2012

Description :

Digitisation project DI/00/07 is special because it brings together scientific institutions from different domains with a common goal (KIK-IRPA, KMMA-MRAC, KSB-ORB, BIRA-IASB), while at the same time completing and employing a fairly unique digitisation facility. The goal was to achieve a good quality conversion of photographic media and glass or flexible negatives and positives into digital files with the highest possible resolution.

At the same time other digitisation techniques were used in the various institutes, so that a broad range of experience was gained during this project.

The results, which were fewer in number than expected due to delays in the construction of the digitalisation facility, were so spectacular that they enabled new discoveries and interpretations that were not visible in the original documents.

The project also made it possible to improve or encode extremely important scientific metadata and add it to the databases of different institutions. Division of the work into packages and distribution of the available budgets enabled several different digitisation projects to be extended or even finished.

Documentation :

Digitalisering van originele fotografische dragers Digitaliseringsplan : eindverslag  Alonso, Max Fernandez - Buelinckx, Erik - Pauwels, Thierry ... et al  Brussel : Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid, 2012 (SP2524)
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