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To establish a method for evaluating the illicit drug policy in Belgium within the health care sector

Research project DR/13 (Research action DR)

Persons :

Description :


To establish a method that will permit to evaluate, based on scientific and objective criteria, the Belgian health care policy regarding illicit drugs.

The specific parts of this project are:

A Identify the criteria that are used for evaluating illicit drug policies within the International context (International Organizations, European Union, Specific key countries)

B These criteria will be assessed based on interviews with International and Belgian experts in the area of drug addiction within the health care sector.

C Identify the criteria that are used for evaluating health care policies related to other dependencies (alcohol) en related to other important illnesses in the mental health care sector, such as depression and schizophrenia.

D Proposal of a long-list of possible criteria, and the ways these criteria should be applied.

E After assessment of the long-list – based on, among others, interviews with Belgian experts – formulation of the method and criteria for evaluating the illicit drug policy, as well as the required efforts for data collection to allow the application of these criteria.

Documentation :

Uitwerken van een methodiek voor de evaluatie van het drugbeleid in België, in de sector gezondheid : eindrapport    Brussel : Federaal wetenschapsbeleid, 2004 (SP1376)
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