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ODIN – Organisation et Diffusion de l’Information

Research project I2/2F/202 (Research action I2)

Contract I2/2F/202 :

Duration of the contract :


Partners :

  • Croix-Rouge de Belgique - Communauté francophone (Coordinator of the project)
  • Comité Consultatif de Bioéthique de Belgique 
  • Createl M.I.D. 
  • Université de Liège 

Description :

The general aims of the ODIN project are technological innovation with a view to meeting the needs of the users in two separate areas: the Croix-Rouge de Belgique – the French-speaking Community’s emergency service - and the Comité Consultatif de Bioéthique de Belgique (CCBB). The involvement of users in the project is essential, and the scientific partner must monitor this constantly.

Within the Croix-Rouge de Belgique-Communauté francophone , the ODIN project centres on the emergency department, especially Actions Préventives de Secours (APS). An APS is a preventive emergency device set up at events of any size or type. Every year some 16,000 devices are deployed throughout the French-speaking territory, which generates a vast amount of incoming and outgoing information. The aim of the ODIN project is to improve APS management by creating management software. The priority of this application must be to assist the people on site in charge of the APS administrative management (decentralisation of the emergency zones) and also to provide functional links with the central departments in charge of, for example, human resources management, accounts, etc. The development of the applications should benefit the communication and transmission of data to all the volunteers spread across the territory.

Within the Comité Consultatif de Bioéthique de Belgique, the aim of the ODIN project is twofold. On one hand, this consists of developing an Extranet platform, the CEL E-form, for the administrative management of the activity reports transmitted annually by the Comités d’Ethique Locaux (CEL) to the CCBB. The aim of the CEL E-form is to improve the circulation and conditions of use of the CEL data. Putting the CEL E-Form on line will make it possible to simplify as a whole the administrative procedures to be implemented by the CEL, the CCBB and the services of the SPF-Santé Publique. In the long term, the gathering of the activity reports drawn up by the CELs will be optimised and will make it possible to handle more and better information more cheaply and more quickly. On the other hand, the project has the aim of putting the CCBB documentation centre on line, which will make it possible to share the knowledge and literary content of the CCBB documentation centre with the CELs or other parties interested in works in the fields of bioethics or health in general.

During Phase I, an organisational inventory was drawn up of the management of the flows of information within the target groups of users selected within the Croix Rouge and the CCBB. With the 2 user partners, the results were covered by a functional specification detailing the needs and objectives of each protagonist. A technical specification was drawn up on the basis of the functional specification, while highlighting the constraints and technical aspects with a view to starting developments on each site. This has made it possible to start technological developments in both the user fields.

The aim of the second phase of the project is to continue the work started during the first phase with the two user partners. During this phase, the execution of the technological project of the Croix-Rouge de Belgique-Communauté Francophone is being carried out by a sub-contracting company, E-Cone.
The second phase consists of:
- finalising the technological developments. This takes in the programming, testing, and implementing of all the processes linked with the continuity of the tool and its day-to-day maintenance;
- organising the dissemination, training, and information: this is a matter of ensuring optimum integration of the tools by priming and training the future users as best possible in the use of the programmes;
- evaluating the tools created: the real use of the applications created during the project and the impacts from technical, economic, and organisation points of view
- studying the possibilities of transferring applications to other organizations.

The first 2 tasks are being developed specifically in the 2 areas, while the last 2 follow a common methodology which is applicable in each of the areas.

- Contact person (project's coordinator):

Red Cross of Belgium – French speaking community
Anne Vincent
Arnaud Guillaume
Rue de Stalle 96
Phone : 02 371 31 38
02 371 31 24
Fax : 02 646 21 51


Coördinator Red Cross of Belgium – French speaking community

Partner 1 Belgian Consultative Committee on Bioethics

Partner 2 Createl M.I.D.

Partner 3 Université de Liège (ULg)

Laboratoire d’Etudes sur les Nouvelles Technologies, l’Innovation et le Changement (LENTIC)

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