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TOPO - Teletext: optimising the publication of employment offers

Research project I2/AE/201 (Research action I2)

Contract I2/AE/201 :

Duration of the contract :


Partners :

  • Fédération des Télévisions Locales (ASBL) (Coordinator of the project)
  • Antenne Centre (ASBL) 
  • Canal C (ASBL) 
  • Canal Zoom (ASBL) 
  • No Télé (ASBL) 
  • RTC Télé Liège (ASBL) 
  • Télé MB (ASBL) 
  • TEAC-TéléSambre (ASBL) 
  • TéléVesdre (ASBL) 
  • TV COM (ASBL) 
  • TV LUX (ASBL) 
  • Vidéoscope (ASBL) 
  • FOREM 
  • Interlink S.A. 

Description :

In order to provide a high-quality service to the public and to all their partners, the local French-speaking television stations wish to implement, through their Federation, a programme aiming at strengthening Teletext as an efficient support.

Therefore, the local TV stations in partnership with the FOREM have decided to improve information exchanges and to make the publication of job offers more efficient.

To achieve this, a fundamental recasting of the work structure proved to be necessary for both partners, as well as the optimisation of the work support.

This project also uses the facilities offered by the Internet, which allows decentralised data input. Actually, the problem has its origin in the way the system is fed and updated at overall level, and not in the introduction of technologies.

The effects of the project in terms of economy of scale, rationalisation of the back office and improvement of the service to the general public are significant.

The main challenge consists in offering a more complete and more effective service level while rationalising the workload for the FOREM and for the local TV's. A more adequate structure will make it possible to meet these two objectives simultaneously.

- Contact person (project's coordinator):

Fédération des Télévisions locales asbl
Michael Mercier
chemin de la Plaine 8
5001 Belgrade
Phone: 081 71 19 80
Fax: 081 71 19 89


Coordinator Fédération des Télévisions locales asbl

Partner 1 Antenne Centre asbl

Partner 2 Canal C asbl

Partner 3 Canal Zoom asbl

Partner 4 No Télé asbl

Partner 5 RTC Télé Liège asbl

Partner 6 Télé MB asbl

Partner 7 TEAC-TéléSambre asbl

Partner 8 TéléVesdre asbl

Partner 9 TV COM asbl

Partner 10 TV LUX asbl

Partner 11 Vidéoscope asbl

Partner 12 Le FOREM

Partner 13 INTERLINK sa

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