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SALIPAE - Administrative, logistical and data-processing support to extracurricular child care promoters

Research project I2/AE/205 (Research action I2)

Contract I2/AE/205 :

Duration of the contract :


Partners :

  • BADJE asbl (Coordinator of the project)
  • IDJ asbl 
  • DORALIS sprl 

Description :

The SALIPAE project wishes to offer a mechanism for sharing resources via the web to all actors in the day care sector for children, through the creation of an interactive and collaborative platform.
Firstly, SALIPAE will benefit the members of Badje, an association bringing together day care promoters active in the Brussels-Capital Region. Thanks to the developed tool, these promoters will be able to access accurate and up-to-date information on the sector (regulations, agenda, etc.), simplify their administrative burden (forms, etc.) and they will have a chance to intensify their mutual cooperation and solidarity (exchange of information, equipment, etc.).
But beyond these first beneficiaries, the interface should become a tool for all of the other players in the sector : organisers, parents, children but also associations which are not members of Badje. Job offers, traineeship proposals, activity ideas, popularised legal texts will be accessible to everyone.
The portal will present several sections whose access and possibility of interaction will depend on the type of user identified : member of Badje, organiser, non-member promoter, parent or simple visitor…
The partners of the SALIPAE project wish to set up a permanent infrastructure which will not entail significant additional costs or recurrent budget increases for the members of Badje. Open Source technologies will therefore be privileged.

Expected results of Phase I
At the conclusion of the first phase, the project will have established the collaborative portal as an information database and a place for exchanges among the members of Badje. This presupposes simultaneously training for the use of the developed tool, generating traffic on the site, guaranteeing the quality of the information and the reliability of the exchanges, ensuring the system´s continuity, developing loyalty among the players and shifting from publishing to managing the interaction. At the same time, the partners must conduct a series of activities necessary for federating the SALIPAE network : meetings of the players in the field, invitations to collaborate, ...

Forecast objectives of Phase II
As of September 2005, the SALIPAE project should be extending the network to other extracurricular promoters (non-members of Badje, promoters active outside of Brussels). New databases could be developed : database of activity equipment, central buying office, … Actions will have to be conducted so that the portal becomes a genuine working tool for organisers (exchanges of ideas, …) The use mobile telephony technologies will also be envisaged (SMS´s disseminating job offers, helpful tips, news to hundreds of organisers …).

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- Contact person (project's coordinator):

Badje asbl– Bruxelles Accueil et Développement de la Jeunesse et de l’Enfance
Séverine Acerbis
rue de Bosnie 22
1060 Saint-Gilles
02 248 17 29
02 242 51 72


Coordinator Badje asbl– Bruxelles Accueil et Développement de la Jeunesse et de l’Enfance

Partner 1 IDJ asbl– Association pour l’Information et la Documentation des Jeunes et du grand public

Partner 2 DORALIS sprl

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