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Research project I2/AE/208 (Research action I2)

Contract I2/AE/208 :

Duration of the contract :


Partners :

  • CEMAC Public Services v.z.w. 
  • SOFT CELL n.v. 
  • Brandweer Antwerpen 
  • Permanente eenheid van de Civiele Bescherming Brasschaat 
  • Gouverneur Provincie Antwerpen 
  • Lokale Politie Antwerpen 
  • Provinciale Commissie Dringende Medische Hulpverlening 
  • Ministère de l'Intérieur 

Description :

FIRES is an innovation project focusing on the automation/integration of Disaster response plans that was submitted to the Federal Science Policy in the framework of the "Multiannual information society support programme".

The support programme makes it possible to test NoKeos, the multidisciplinary platform for disaster management, against the organisational and system-technical needs and wishes of the relief agencies in Belgium and thus to further improve the platform (bottom-up approach).

In a first phase NoKeos is attuned to the real and most urgent users´ needs, and this mainly experimentally, via a delimited yet representative test environment.
The ultimate objective is the vertical and horizontal integration of assistance in the event of a disaster.

In a second phase one seeks to further optimise the information collection and distribution by means of an extensive integration with the most "appropriate" applications or hardware.
Specifically we are thinking here in the first instance of a linkage with Astrid and OSR.

NoKeos distinguishes itself from all already-existing initiatives on automation of emergency plans not only by collecting usable DATA in a structured way, but also by interactively implementing the DISASTER RESPONSE PLANS itself, so that both data and procedures can be used in real time to support decision-making.

Herein lies the innovative aspect of the FIRES project : the organisation of the provision of services is focused on "knowledge distribution" especially concerning "readiness", "real-time decision-making support and coherence" and "measurability".

- Contact person (project's coordinator):

Fire Protection Consultants n.v.
Kurt De Raeve
Noorderlaan 133 bus 1
Tél : 03 542 62 45
Fax : 03 542 11 90


Coordinator Fire Protection Consultants n.v

Partner 1 CEMAC Public Services v.z.w.

Partner 2 SOFT CELL n.v.

Partner 3 Brandweer Antwerpen

Partner 4 Permanente eenheid van de Civiele Bescherming Brasschaat

Partner 5 Gouverneur Provincie Antwerpen

Partner 6 Lokale Politie Antwerpen

Partner 7 Provinciale Commissie Dringende Medische Hulpverlening

Partner 8 FPS Home Affairs

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