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Toward a general approach for testing physics-dynamics interfaces in numerical weather prediction models

Research project MO/34/013 (Research action MO)

Persons :

  •   DE DYCKER Eduard - Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI)
    Financed belgian partner
    Duration: 1/1/2005-31/12/2008

Description :

There is currently a lack of methods to study the physics-dynamics interface in numerical weather prediction models (NWP). However, such methods are becoming increasingly desirable for the realization of the present plans for running operational non-hydrostatic models in the European NWP community. These models are aimed at explicitly treating some fundamental processes – like e.g. convection – that have to be parameterized in the present models. Running non-hydrostatic models requires a serious increase in computing costs. The stability of the numerical schemes is one of the crucial factors that determine the exact needs in computing cost and helps reducing them to the “safe” minimum. This project will investigate the currently known and future physics-dynamics interfaces with the aim to set up a general approach that is applicable to new candidate interfaces. Such interfaces have only been studied sporadically in the literature. The project will start from the known methods in simplified models and attempt to generalize them to formulate a more general approach. The obtained results will be applied to simplified models and will finally lead to guidelines and rules for the implementation in realistic three-dimensional numerical weather prediction models.

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