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Research project P3/39 (Research action P3)

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Development of catalytic processes based, on the one hand, on the knowledge of reaction mechanisms and of the operation of the solid catalyst, on the other hand on the advanced modelling and simulation of the reactor.


Improvement of the catalytic conversion of petroleum fractions by hydrocracking and catalytic cracking, of hydrodesulfu- rization (HDS) and hydrodenitrogenation (HDN), so as to match the new specifications imposed by the environmental regulati- ons. Study of existing catalysts and development of new cata- lysts (zeolites, CoMo and NiMo on alumina). Study of oxide catalysts and their application in the petrochemical industry (synthesis of phthalic anhydride on V205-TiO2; of formaldehyde on FeMo). Development of kinetic equations based upon the elementary steps of the chemical reaction and of the interaction with the catalyst and accounting for the texture of the catalyst. Application of the methodology to complex feedstocks. Application of new reactor technologies (reversed flow reactors; moving bed reactors ...).

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