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Cellular and molecular biology

Research project P3/44 (Research action P3)

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Understanding of the fundamental processes of living cells and organisms; study of the cellular and molecular origin of human pathological disorders.


Cell metabolism with regard to hormonal and homeostatic regulation, subcellular compartments, inborn errors and control of gene expression. Function and biogenesis of subcellular organelles, protein targeting and vesicular traffic in secretion and endocytosis. Biochemical and cellular aspects of bone and cartilage degradation. Humoral and cellular immunity, idiotypic regulation, antiviral defense, tumor-specific antigens and immunotherapy of cancer, functions of cytokines in regulating immune responses and expression of proteins in HIV-infected T lymphocytes. Cell and molecular biology of tropical parasites with particular attention to surface receptors as potential targets in the immune defense of the host, the factors responsible for the pathogenicity of Yersinia sp. and the effects of several antibiotics on the ribosomal synthesis of polypeptides in bacteria.

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