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Sciences of interfacial and mesoscopic structures

Research project P3/49 (Research action P3)

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Fundamental and applied research of the the physico-chemical properties of condensed matter in systems with reduced dimensionality. The systems under study are characterized by :
a) one or several parallel planar interfaces separating different materials;
b) reduced dimensions in more than one spatial direction.
The materials under investigation range from the minerals such as metals, semiconductors, ceramics to the macromolecular compounds such as biopolymers, polyaromatics, fullerenes, as well as combinations of both types such as thin polymer films on metals, organic molecules and metallic particles in porous oxydes, thin metallic layers on polymers, etc.


Microscopy of nanoparticles. Intercallated fullerenes and endo fullerenes. Layered systems and heteroepitaxy. Molecules in pores.

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