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Chemistry of the nitrogen and bromine families in the Earth atmosphere

Research project PX/8/EO/04 (Research action PX)

Persons :

  • Dr.  DE MAZIERE Martine - Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (IASB-BIRA)
    Coordinator of the project
    Financed belgian partner
    Duration: 1/5/2005-31/12/2007

Description :

This proposal focuses on the better exploitation of current and past atmospheric chemistry satellite data sets with the aim to improve our knowledge and understanding of the NOy and Bry chemical families. Efforts towards integration of complementary observations from satellite, ground-based and balloon platforms supported by adequate modelling tools will be further sustained in order to better exploit the synergy between the different components of the global atmosphere observing system.

Satellite(s) or flight opportunity(ies):

- ERS-2 (GOME-1)
- Metop-1
- Aura

Field of research:

Earth Observation: Atmospheric Chemistry

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