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Tropospheric studies using IASI

Research project PX/8/EO/05 (Research action PX)

Persons :

  • Dr.  COHEUR Pierre-François - Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
    Coordinator of the project
    Financed belgian partner
    Duration: 1/1/2005-31/12/2007
  • Dr.  DE MAZIERE Martine - Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (IASB-BIRA)
    Financed belgian partner
    Duration: 1/1/2005-31/12/2007
  • Dr.  DEMOULIN Philippe - Université de Liège (ULG)
    Financed belgian partner
    Duration: 1/1/2005-31/12/2007

Description :

IASI, the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer, to be part of the European METOP suite of meteorological satellites, due for launch at the end of 2005, is a tropospheric sounder. It is the objective of this project to contribute, using IASI, in improving the knowledge of the processes that control the chemical composition of the troposphere. For this purpose, the project gathers a consortium of three Belgian institutions, which have a now longstanding expertise in the remote-sensing of the atmosphere, using both space-borne and ground-based spectroscopic instruments, as well as in other important aspects pertinent to the research, such as inverse modeling of emission sources and high-resolution molecular spectroscopy. Here, we propose to combine the tools and know-how of each group to make an important contribution to the treatment of the IASI data, from the level 1 products (geolocated radiance spectra) to the level 3 products (assimilated fields).

Satellite(s) or flight opportunity(ies):


Field of research:

Earth Observation: Atmospheric Chemistry

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