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Solar constant data exploitation

Research project PX/8/SS/04 (Research action PX)

Persons :

  • Dr.  DEWITTE Steven - Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI)
    Coordinator of the project
    Financed belgian partner
    Duration: 1/1/2005-31/12/2007

Description :

The project covers the processing of the total solar irradiance data from RMIB radiometers. These radiometers are the currently active DIARAD/VIRGO instrument on the SOHO satellite, the DIARAD/SOVIM instrument which is delivered for flight on the International Space Station, and the future instruments on the French microsatellite PICARD.

Satellite(s) or flight opportunity(ies):


Field of research:

Space Sciences: Solar Physics / Earth Observation: Meteorology and Climatology

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