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Technico-economical feasibility of the commercialisation of an instrument (C-fix) for the calculation of the net carbon exchange with the atmosphere in the frame of the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC)

Research project T4/DD/17 (Research action T4)

Persons :

Description :

Objectives :

The instrument constitutes an improvement of the methodology for evaluating the impact of changes in land use (e.g. deforestation), on the net carbon exchange between atmosphere and vegetation.
The main advantage of the proposed approach is that real time earth observation will be used rather than statistical data, which often are outdated and unreliable (especially important for developing countries).

The objectives are :

- Evaluation of the economical feasibility of a product which will calculate the net carbon exchange based on earth observation data and ecosystem models.
- Determination of the technical and operational requirements of to the potential users of this product.
- Definition and budgeting of the technical stages to scale up the prototype towards a product.


- Product description and demonstration;
- Identification of target groups;
- International organisations (FAO, UNESCO, World Bank, ABOS, NGO's...);
- Countries that have ratified the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC);
- Market research : data collection;
- Development of a questionnaire;
- Data collection;
- Analysis of economical feasibility and market potential;
- Determination of formal technical and operational standards;
- Definition and budgetting of the technical stages to scale up from prototype to product;
- Final evaluation and reporting.

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