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Cartography of the microclimatic zones using a DTM obtained via radar imagery

Research project T4/DD/51 (Research action T4)

Persons :

Description :

We propose to map microclimatic cold zones using an interferometric SAR (InSAR) Digital Elevation Model (D.E.M.) combined with a simulation of the Sun illumination over the year. This information is of special interest for both urban and forest planning because i) it will allow the mapping of present and future urban areas located inside cold zones, and ii) it will assist the selection of those vegetation types that are best adapted to low temperature and illumination levels.

Specific Goals
a. to generate an InSAR SAR D.E.M. of the entire Walloon Region; develop a computer module that simulates the Sun illumination over the year, in order to highlight areas which receive the minimum of direct sunlight;
c. to superimpose the "cold" surfaces to the limits of urban areas defined in the sector or country planning maps;
d. to compare the data from the Sun illumination simulator with the field knowledge of forest planners at the Forest and Nature Division of the Walloon Region Administration.

Expected Results

a. Delineate the most important microclimatic"cold" areas due to aspect and slope parameters;
b. Possibility of evaluating the percentage of urban zones susceptible either to be modified, or to be favoured in terms of insulation premiums.

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