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Study of the potential for integration of SPOT VGT data in the early warning systems (food security) in the Sahel Region

Research project T4/DD/54 (Research action T4)

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The general objective of this feasibility study is to verify that VEGETATION instrument actually provides information of better quality than those from NOAA satellite specifically for the Sahelian region and within the scope of early warning, system on food and agriculture of FAO.
FAO acquired a long experience in the field of satellite environmental monitoring for foodcrops and rangeland and they are definitely interested in improving their early warning system by studying the new possibilities given by the new instruments VEGETATION. This short study should also propose a structure that would provide technical, political and financial details for an efficient integration of VEGETATION data in the operational early warning system of FAO and would allow them to install the modified system in the different national and/or regional meteorological departments in Sahel region. This feasibility study should lead to a pilot project for the installation of the proposed new structure. The scientific main partner has a long experience in agrometeorology which, is a major disciplines in early warning system and he will get a contribution for JRC - Ispra for the Remote sensing aspects.

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