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Introduction du codage ISCO dans les données relatives aux travailleurs indépendants et actualisation des codes professions de l'INASTI. Analyse de mobilité des emplois et mobilité sectorielle chez les indépendants

Projet de recherche AG/GG/113 (Action de recherche AG)

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The 1991 census and socio-economic survey data from 2001 rank self-employed workers in accordance with the ISCO nomenclature of occupations. Under this Agora project, a statistical classification will be devised for self-employed workers in accordance with the ISCO code and based on the results from the socio-economic survey of 2001. A method will also be devised for assigning ISCO codes that is comparable with the NACE classification method. In future, this should also make it possible to divide up self-employed workers statistically in accordance with an internationally comparable code of occupations.

Under the project, a link will also be developed between the ISCO code and the revamped CBS code (CBS = ‘Central Office of Statistics’, Netherlands), integrating a number of new occupational groups more accurately within its code.

The project will also report on the results of ISCO adjudication and shifts affecting occupations within the self-employed sector over the 1995-2001 period.

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