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Services for Urban Green Monitoring using Remote Sensing (SUGRES)

Projet de recherche S0/00/031 (Action de recherche S0)

Personnes :

Description :

The project aims at developing value-added products and services for optimising the management of green areas in urban environments based on very high resolution satellite images (VHRSI). The project has emerged from a discussion between:

End users expressing a clear information need,
A private partner willing to invest in the development of an operational product chain based on VHR satellite images and
Scientific partners having experience with monitoring urban green using aerial or satellite images.


The value-added products and services to be developed will optimally exploit the advantages of very high resolution satellite data with respect to existing techniques such as aerial photography and ground observations. The project will focus on:

The establishment of an inventory of green areas, both public and private
Classification of life forms
Definition of health condition of alley trees
Extraction of change products: inventory of green areas
The service to be developed is based on a production chain (to be developed) that makes VHR-derived products available via a customised interface (Internet).

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