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Hyperspectral characterisation of lead dispersal from abandoned metalliferous mining in Wales, UK (WALMET)

Projet de recherche S0/03/046 (Action de recherche S0)

Personnes :

  • Dr.  TREFOIS Philippe - Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale (MRAC)
    Partenaire financé belge
    Durée: 10/6/2004-31/10/2004

Description :

The aim of this study is to map the mine waste within the Rheidol valley, faster and more safely than by using geochemical analysis alone. Remote sensing data has been used in past projects to map mine waste in different forms. The MINEO study was the first of these studies
within BGS to use hyperspectral data to map mine waste in the UK. The area studied in this case was the tin mining region of Cornwall.

The objectives of the study are:

• To map mine waste using hyperspectral image processing techniques already devised
from previous studies
• To asses different methods used for mine waste mapping and attempt to replicate these in
this area
• To produce a map showing the different mine waste present at each of the mine sites

Documentation :

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