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Platforms for plant based production of biopharmaceuticals

Onderzoeksproject BL/V/30 (Onderzoeksactie BL)

Contract BL/03/V30 :

Duur van het contract :


Partners :

  • Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology VAST 
  • Université Catholique de Louvain 
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel 

Beschrijving :

Context and objectives

Plants and plant cells can be used as biofactories and offer many advantages as production systems for biopharmaceuticals: they pose no danger for contamination with human or animal pathogens, they allow production of properly folded and post-translationally modified complex proteins, and they allow cheap and/or fast production of biopharmaceuticals, depending on the exact platform used. Within this project, two plant based production systems are considered: (1) seed-specific expression in stably transformed plants and (2) plant cell cultures transformed with standard vectors or plant-virus-based vectors. On the one hand, improvements of these expression technologies are being developed, and on the other hand these plant-based production platforms are used for the production of veterinary vaccines. In this regard, two major viral diseases are targeted: i.e. avian influenza caused by H5N1 strain and the porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome caused by PRRSV.


WP1: Optimization of vectors for production of an avian influenza vaccine and development of universal vectors for production of plant based biopharmaceuticals
WP2: Expression of PRRSV antigens in Nicotiana tabacum cell culture
WP3: Expression of antigens in Arabidopsis thaliana and soybean
WP4: Preclinical evaluation of plant produced antigens

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