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Microgravity data analysis exploitation

Onderzoeksproject PX/8/LP/27 (Onderzoeksactie PX)

Personen :

  • Prof. dr.  PAIVA Manuel - Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
    Coördinator van het project
    Betoelaagde Belgische partner
    Duur: 1/1/2005-31/12/2006

Beschrijving :

Extract maximal information, analysis and publications from several microgravity (µG) data set acquired since 1998: Neurolab STS-90 and STS-95, ODISSEA, STS-107, 34the ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign. All the data under consideration are related to the cardio-respiratory system behaviour in µG compared to the ground. In order to extract as much information as possible from the existing data, new methods and algorithms must be developed such as the analysis of the breathing during sleep.

Satellite(s) or flight opportunity(ies):

- Space Shuttle
- International Space Station
- Parabolic Flights

Field of research:

Life Science: Human Physiology

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