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Use of hyperspectral remote sensing for permanent grassland canopy characterization (GRASS)

Onderzoeksproject S0/42/016 (Onderzoeksactie S0)

Personen :

  • Prof. dr.  OGER Robert - Centre Wallon de Recherches agronomiques (CRA-W)
    Betoelaagde Belgische partner
    Duur: 1/8/2002-31/3/2003

Beschrijving :

Project summary:

Monitoring of permanent meadows at the region level is closely linked to the knowledge of environmental parameters and indicators on the state of the canopy. In the case of permanent meadows, these variables are characterized by an important spatial and temporal heterogeneity. This feature is connected to the diversity of management systems and to plants-ruminants interactions which are not easily controlled. In practice, this diversity makes the evaluation of the impact of agro-environmental measures difficult. The objective of this study is to show that remote sensing and hyperspectral analysis allow to answer those needs by supplying a continuous spatial and temporal monitoring of parameters that characterize the canopy structure of every grassland parcel as well as its biochemical or biophysic properties. It is based on the study of relationships between spectral data and ground truth observations collected over 20 representative permanent meadows located in Belgian Lorraine.

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