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Conferences and symposia

> 20/22-05-2015 | 9th annual conference of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy (ISSDP)

The ISSDP Conference is a unique occasion to present your latest findings to an intellectually engaged, diverse and dedicated scholarly community, and to immerse yourself in the state of the art across the full spectrum of drug policy research, with the participation of leading international scholars.

Venue: Het Pand, Onderbergen 1, 9000 Gent
Information and registration - Call for papers - Flyer

Conferences, symposia and education activities
of the Federal Scientific Institutes

2014 | Planetarium

Activities at the Planetarium

> 21.01.2015 | The Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society

Conference by met Peter Schrijvers (University of New South Wales, Sidney), "Those who hold Bastogne: the true Story of the Soldiers and Civilians who fought in the biggest Battle of the Bulge"

> 11.02.2015 | The Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society

Conference by Bénédicte Rochet (UNamur), "Etat, cinéma et propagande durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale"

of the Federal Scientific Institutes

> till 24.12.2014 | State Archives

Namur ARCH.BE: exposition de photographies d’artistes
Les Archives de l’État à Namur organisent, au Boulevard Cauchy n° 41 à 5000 Namur, une exposition de photographies d’artistes intitulée : « Namur ARCH .BE - Entre-vues d’une odyssée d’archives ». Entrée libre du mardi au vendredi, de 9h à 16h30, ainsi que les samedis 8 novembre et 5 décembre 2014, de 9h à 16h. (tél. 081 65 41 98)
Namen ARCH.BE : Tentoonstelling kunstfotografie
In Rijksarchief Namen (boulevard Cauchy 41, 5000 Namen) loopt een tentoonstelling met werk van kunstfotografen onder de titel "Namur ARCH.BE - Entre-vues d'une odyssée d'archives". Gratis toegankelijk van dinsdag tot vrijdag, van 9.00 u tot 16.30 u en op zaterdag 8 november en zaterdag 5 december van 9.00 u tot 16.00 u. (tel. 081 65 41 98)

> tot 31.12.2014 | Royal Library of Belgium

Exposition de livres de photographies dans la salle de lecture générale
L'exposition temporaire qui se tient à la salle de lecture générale survole la photographie sous divers aspects, d'Axel Witsel aux ailes d'ange à des ruines de guerre que vous pouvez regarder à l'aide de lunettes 3D.
Foto(boeken)tentoonstelling in de algemene leeszaal
Van Axel Witsel met engelenvleugels tot oorlogsruïnes die u met een speciale 3D-bril kunt bekijken, de tijdelijke tentoonstelling in de algemene leeszaal heeft het allemaal.

> till 11.01.2015 | Musical Instruments Museum

Maurizio Toffoletti
Marble is deaf and dumb material, you say? In the hands of sculptor Maurizio Toffoletti it isn’t! His marble sculptures, when caressed and touched, emit sounds and noises that are difficult to describe.

> till 11.01.2015 | Royal Museums for Art and History

Immortal Princes. Splendour of the Etruscan aristocracy in Vulci
Etruscan cities still have many fascinating secrets to reveal. This exhibition presents the remarkable discoveries made during excavations at the Osteria necropolis in 2013.

> till 11.01.2015 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Retrospective exhibition Constantin Meunier (1831-1905)
This exhibition will be the first complete overview of the artist’s career since the retrospective exhibition in Leuven in 1909.
Video - Press Kit

> till 11.01.2015 | Musical Instrument Museum

In 2014 it will be 200 years since that Great Belgian Adolphe Sax (November 6th 1814 - February 7th 1894) was born in Dinant. This exceptional anniversary is the pretext for an exceptional exhibition at the Musical Instruments Museum. We are emptying the fourth floor of the mim to make way for the ultimate, year-long Sax exhibition.

> till 25.01.2015 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Rubens - sketches and silverware
The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium are welcoming two exceptional pieces of silverware, silver water jug and plate (1635-36), inspired by Rubens! This loan from the Colette and Pierre Bauchau Fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation is accompanied by the new hanging of painted oil sketches, beautiful first drafts of some of the greatest works of the artist.

> till 25.01.2015 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Jean Dypréau. From informal artist to pope of Pop
At the occasion of the publication of the collected writings of Jean Dypréau, a selection from the collection modern art will be put to display in the Patio. These artists were close to the heart of Dypréau.

> till 25.01.2015 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Kokoschka & Gauguin unravelled. See the invisible
Two major paintings – the Portrait of Suzanne Bambridge by Gauguin and Kokoschka’s Trance Player – are at the centre of the experience. Through an innovative technology – the digital analysis of “multispectral” images – you will learn more about these paintings and, in a broader way, understand the advantages of this method for the conservation of artworks.

> till 14.02.2015 | Royal Library of Belgium - Palace of Charles de Lorrain

Entre les lignes. Dessins de maîtres anciens du Cabinet des Estampes de la Bibliothèque royale de Belgique
Cet hiver, venez admirer quelques-uns des plus beaux dessins de maîtres anciens au Palais de Charles de Lorraine. Le Cabinet des Estampes de la Bibliothèque royale de Belgique s’est plongé dans ses collections pour y sélectionner cinq des plus fascinants dessins de maîtres anciens qui méritent toute votre attention.
Tussen de lijnen. Tekeningen van oude meesters uit het Prentenkabinet van de Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België
Deze winter vindt u enkele van de mooiste tekeningen van oude meesters in het Paleis van Karel van Lotharingen. Het Prentenkabinet van de Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België dook in haar verzamelingen en selecteerde vijf fascinerende tekeningen van oude meesters die uw aandacht verdienen.

> till 28.02.2015 | Royal Library of Belgium

Exposition SHOCK! 1914
Avec l’exposition Shock ! 1914… Et si la guerre commençait demain ?, les Archives générales du Royaume, le CEGES et la Bibliothèque royale exploitent leurs collections pour raconter les traumatismes vécus par la population durant les premiers jours de cette terrible guerre, à l’été et à l’automne 1914.
Tentoonstelling SHOCK! 1914
Met de tentoonstelling SHOCK! 1914… Wat als er morgen oorlog uitbreekt? duiken het Algemeen Rijksarchief, het SOMA en de Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België in hun collecties om het relaas te brengen van de trauma’s die de bevolking opliep tijdens de eerste weken van de Eerste Wereldoorlog, in de zomer en het najaar van 1914.

> till 15.03.2015 | Royal Museums for Art and History

The Lascaux exhibition offers an entirely new and absolutely faithful view of a section of the cave that has never before been shown to the public: the Nave and the Shaft. Five life-size movable replicas, or stone veils, recreate with total exactitude the work of artists who lived 20,000 years ago.

> till 30.08.2015 | Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Brain Twisters
In our new exhibition you can find out what happens in your cranium, test the performance of your neurons in the Cognitilab, use the Cervomaton to explore the anatomy of your cerebral hemispheres in 3D, get caught out (or not) by our optical illusions, and analyse the cerebral capacities of other animals. Interactive videos and games complete this fascinating journey to the centre of your brain.

> 2014-2015 | Royal Museum for Central Africa - Musée Pop-up Museum

Pendant la fermeture pour rénovation, nous devenons un musée Pop-up: retrouvez-nous en divers endroits avec des expositions et activités pour tous | Tijdens de sluiting voor renovatie zijn we een pop-up museum: je kan ons op verschillende plaatsen tijdelijk zien opduiken met tentoonstellingen en activiteiten.

Future Exhibitions
of the Federal Scientific Institutes

> 10.02.2015 - 25.01.2015 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Portaels and the call of the Orient (1841-1847)
For this documentary exhibition, the RMFAB had numerous and precious unpublished materials at their disposal: travel correspondence and sketches from Portaels’ personal studio collection. Twenty-four of the exhibited works on paper have recently been added to the permanent collections of the RMFAB.

> 28.02.2015 - 28.06.2015 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Over 200 works of Marc Chagall have been gathered worldwide for this major retrospective exhibition. From early paintings of 1908 to his final, monumental works of the 1980s, the show offers a rich overview of the painter’s artistic career.

And also...

> till 12.12.2014 | National Botanique Garden of Belgium

Autumn colours Walk

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