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Conferences and symposia

3 March 2016
Seminar: Work/Life and Time
Presentation of a merging datasets on working conditions, hours and work/life arrangement

Location: UCL - Place Montesquieu1
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve - Room Lecl 93
The LFS&TIME project funded by BELSPO in the frame of the BRAIN-Be research programme is a collaboration of VUB and UCL with the support of Statistics Belgium. The project aimed at merging Labour Force Survey (LFS) data, Time-Use Survey (TUS) data and Work Grid (WG) data. These different datasets allow different approaches to working times...
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28-29 April 2016
Colloquium 'Advanced Tools for Preventive Conservation'

Royal Museums of Art and History
Cinquantenaire Park 10 Brussels B-1000
The partners of the AIRCHECQ project will present their midterm results.
At the same time, national and international experts are invited to present and discuss topics that play an important role in preventive conservation.
For more information, read the scope of our colloquium.
All presentations will be held in English
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Conferences, symposia and education activities
of the Federal Scientific Institutes

2016 | Planetarium

Activities at the Planetarium - Film: The Blind Man with Starry Eyes

2016 | Royal Museum for Central Africa - Pop-up Museum

During the closure for renovation, we become a pop-up museum:
you can find us at various locations with exhibitions and activities for everyone.

> 19.02.2016 | Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society

Terrorists and Perpetrators of Genocide : a Comparison
Abram de Swaan will take the Floor at Cegesoma.arch's New Year conference
Politicians and experts, academics included, often understand contemporary conflicts on a short-term basis. In the context of its mission as a centre of expertise on the history of 20th century conflicts, CegeSoma.arch wants to widen its horizon. For the New Year's conferences, it invites eminent researchers to establish a link between a contemporary question and its historical context.

> 25|26.02.2016 | Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage

Symposium "Francis I and Artists of the North (1515-1547)"
As an extention of the events of 2015 celebrating the 500th anniversary of the accession of Francis I (1 January 1515) and the victory at Marignano (13-14 September 1515), the symposium will focus on the ties between the 'grand roy Françoys' and the North. Whereas the exchanges between Francis I and Italy have attracted much attention, the King’s relations with the old Southern Netherlands, as rich and complex, have not been carefully studied. The symposium 'Francis I and Artists of the North (1515-1547)' aims to fill this gap by considering the interest of the King of France in artists and musicians from the old Southern Netherlands and their works.

> 03.03.2016 | Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage

Open Days at the KIK-IRPA
A unique occasion to get an inside view of the study and restoration of art works. You can stroll along the different documentation units, studios and laboratories where our experts will explain their work.

> 22.03.2016 | Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society

International Study Day "The Private Cold War in Western Europe – 1950-1970"
by CegeSoma in partnership with Belgian Intelligence Studies Centre in the context of the PAI Justice & Populations.

of the Federal Scientific Institutes

2016 | Royal Museum for Central Africa - Pop-up Museum

During the closure for renovation, we become a pop-up museum: you can find us at various locations with exhibitions and activities for everyone.

> till 26.02.2020 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

New space ! Gao Xingjian. The awakening of consciousness
The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium welcome six monumental works by Gao Xingjian, especially created for the room they are displayed in. In his 'awakenings of consciousness', the artist invites the wanderer to cross the image and to encounter, beyond the ink, the idea itself in its existential nudity… a space where the museums (re)devote themselves to contemplation.

> till 10.04.2016 | Royal Museum for Central Africa

Going Postal (Hi)stories and philately in Belgium
The Going Postal exhibit at BELvue Museum unveils the precious stamp collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa for the first time. This initiative, joined by bpost and eminent private collectors in Belgium, gathers 300 or so pieces that together form a priceless heritage.

> till 20.04.2016 | Royal Museums of Art and History

Djéhoutyhotep: 100 ans de fouilles en Égypte
À l’occasion du centenaire de l’expédition de Reisner en 1915, les égyptologues de la KULeuven ont eu l’idée de mettre sur pied une exposition unique au Musée du Cinquantenaire à Bruxelles. L’objectif de cette exposition est de montrer comment des méthodes innovantes appliquées à de la documentation ancienne peuvent apporter de nouveaux éclairages. Grâce aux technologies digitales, il est ainsi désormais possible de réunir des fragments découverts endommagés et éparpillés au sein de reconstructions virtuelles. En projetant des images satellitaires actuelles sur de vieux plans, il est possible de visualiser le paysage et l’environnement du passé, tandis que d’anciennes photos permettent d’imaginer le paysage égyptien tel qu’il était avant la construction du barrage d’Assouan.
Djehoetihotep: 100 jaar opgravingen in Egypte
Naar aanleiding van het jubileum van de expeditie van Reisner in 1915 werden de egyptologen van de KU Leuven geïnspireerd om een unieke tentoonstelling op poten te zetten in het Jubelparkmuseum in Brussel. Het doel van deze tentoonstelling is te tonen hoe innovatieve methodes, toegepast op oude documentatie, kunnen bijdragen tot nieuwe inzichten. Digitale technieken maken het bijvoorbeeld mogelijk beschadigde en verspreid geraakte fragmenten in virtuele reconstructies terug samen te brengen. Door huidige satellietbeelden op oud kaartmateriaal te projecteren, kunnen we bovendien ook het landschap en de leefomgeving van het verleden visualiseren, en aan de hand van oude foto’s kan een beeld opgeroepen worden van het Egyptische landschap zoals het eruitzag voor de bouw van de Aswandam.

> till 20.04.2016 | Royal Museums of Art and History

Sarcophagi Under the stars of Nut
Eternity! To live once more just like the god of the afterlife Osiris, to rise again like the sun that is born from the womb of Nut, the godess of the sky... The Ancient Egyptians had high expectations of life after death!
This fall, come to the Cinquantenaire Museum and discover the secrets of the Egyptian sarcophagi as well as the masterpieces of the Museum, including coffins, death masks and embalmed cats, many never shown before. You can also witness an expert Italian restoration team at work as they one by one restore the coffins of the Theban priests that were discovered in 1891 inthe Second Cache of Deir el-Bahari.

> till 15.05.2016 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

From Floris to Rubens: Master drawings from a Belgian private collection
This exhibition features ninety drawings from artists from the southern and northern Netherlands created during the 16th and beginning of the 17th century. Assembled with great care by the collector, these drawings belong to one of the most fascinating and prolific periods in the history of draughtsmanship.

> till 28.08.2016 | Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

WoW – Wonders of Wildlife
Whether running, jumping or hunting, movement in nature is often powerful, precise, and wild. In WoW – Wonders of Wildlife, a herd of ibexes leap from rock to rock; two rival males confront each other; a wolf chases wild boar; a tiger runs majestically and lions hunt fleeing zebras.
Through our amazing freeze frames you can get up close and personal with sights you might have previously only seen in nature documentaries on TV. These acrobatic installations- some displays involve whole groups of several specimens balance on a single paw or tail!- are more than just specimens; they are works of art made by taxidermists. Taxidermy is a unique field that requires the knowledge and precision of a scientist with creativity and an artist’s eye for detail.
In this exhibition, the spectacular panoramas highlight a range of topics including animal behaviour, biomechanics and species and landscape conservation, through videos, objects, and interactive activities set into detailed displays.

Future Exhibitions
of the Federal Scientific Institutes

> 18.03.2016 > 21.08.2016 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Andres Serrano
One of the most important retrospective exhibitions devoted to the work of American photographer Andres Serrano will open on March 18, 2016. In addition to Serrano’s powerful - sometimes violent – themes, the exhibition also addresses the problems of art vandalism and censorship. Simultaneously in the streets of Brussels, the RMFAB will be showing his new series “Denizens of Brussels” (portraits of the homeless).


And also...

> till 13.03.2016 | National Botanique Garden of Belgium

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