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Do you have a complaint

The Federal Science Policy Office places great importance on the quality of its service and on improving its functioning.
If you have any comments or complaints, you are welcome to report them to our complaints manager. Your complaint will be treated with the utmost concern.

The Federal Science Policy Office also strives to do everything possible to prevent similar complaints in the future and to improve the functioning of its services.

We have created a form for processing any potential complaints. Please don’t hesitate to complete this form if you are dissatisfied with the quality of our service: online complaint form

In order for us to be able to properly respond to the complaint, it is necessary to provide your name and address and if possible, your e-mail address.

We prefer to communicate electronically but you may also submit a complaint

  • At the reception desk (Avenue Louise 231, 1000 Brussels)
  • By letter (Federal Science Policy Office, Complaints Manager, Avenue Louise 231, 1000 Brussels). The complaint form can also be requested by telephone (02-238 34 11)

Complaints submitted anonymously or which are offensive or are not related to our administration will not be processed.

How will the complaint be handled?

  • Once your complaint has been filed, you will receive notification of receipt.
  • Your complaint will be forwarded to the relevant departments and individuals and will be processed within one month.
  • You will receive an answer by mail or by letter;
  • Your complaint will be treated with strict confidentiality;
  • Within 30 calendar days, you will receive a reply with an explanation from us.
  • Our brochure

Are you still dissatisfied?

If you are dissatisfied by the initial response to a complaint you may always contact the Federal Ombudsman.
The Federal Ombudsman helps you to solve your disputes with federal administrative authorities in a reliable and rapid manner.

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