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Quality and Environmental Management

For more than 10 years, our public service has been advancing continuously towards excellence in the service we provide our citizens. With a constant eye on evolution, we have gradually implemented certain key elements to ensure we operate efficiently.

It rapidly became clear to us that we had to take into consideration our environmental impact, especially since it is directly linked to our missions. The “Ecodynamic enterprise” label awarded to us in 2002, followed by the registration of our environmental management system according to the EMAS regulations in 2007, emphatically bear witness to our efforts and our performances as an innovative public service, respectful of the environment and our heritage, with a concern for our citizens. A striking fact: in 2007, we were among the first federal public services to be recognised for our environmental approaches.
After improving the way we operate in an effort to limit our impact on the environment, the aim was to improve the quality of our civic services. We wanted to set up a work methodology inspired by the continuous search for efficient and optimised processes in the long term.
We chose an internationally recognised system with external validation, in order to reinforce our impartiality: a quality management system compliant with the ISO 9001 standard. To set up such a system and create a coherent whole in relation to our environmental policy, we opted for an integrated quality-environment system.

In terms of public administration, our innovative character was expressed through the implementation of an integrated quality-environment management system in 2010, certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, and registered in compliance with European regulation 1221/2009 (EMAS) for our head office (Belspo Louise). This system accentuates our modern, customer- and results-oriented way of working making Belspo the only federal public service of this size to have this certification!

In June 2013, we obtained the renewal of our ISO 9001 certification and our EMAS registration for the period 2013-2016.

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