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The Social Security of the researcher

Questions related to pensions and social rights should not be postponed.

As a mobile worker, being a Belgian citizen leaving abroad or a foreigner coming to Belgium, the relevant information does exist, whatever your problems or needs.

First, there is a Guide for the mobile researcher at your disposal. It contains a comprehensive set of steps to undertake, of procedures to respect, of rights, of legal or administrative rules, or of acts that you should pose when coming to Belgium or leaving the country.

In addition, the website of the FPS Social Security proposes a series of links and of information destined to the mobile citizen/worker. For more details:

The European Commission has also developed an information website for mobile citizens and their family. Questions on driving license, taxes, rights, etc. are discussed for each country.

The same idea prevails for a portal of the European Commission aimed at answering the individual preoccupations, as well as for the EULISSES initiative.

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