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Ecofunctional biodiversity of benthic crustacean taxocoenoses in the Southern Ocean

Antarctica phase IV (1997-2000)

Ecofunctional biodiversity of benthic crustacean taxocoenoses in the Southern Ocean


Dr Claude De Broyer
Belgian Royal Museum of Natural Sciences
Rue Vautier, 29
Phone: +32 (0)2 627 41 27
Fax: +32 (0)2 627 42 77


Description and evaluation of the role of biodiversity of the macrobenthos, in particular of the peracarid crustaceans, in the structure and functioning of the antarctic coastal and shelf ecosystem. In the Southern Ocean, the peracarid crustaceans represents the most speciose vagile macrobenthic group and probably more diversified in terms of habitats, trophic types and size spectra and the key-ecosystem is recognized like the most complex, most productive and probably most sensitive to global environmental changes.


  • To characterize the structural aspects of the peracarid crustaceans biodiversity (specific richness, distribution, bio-ecological features), and in particular of the amphipods, in the benthic communities of the "Antarctic Sea-Ice Zone ", as well as their variability in space and time.
  • To develop a "reference centre" for the biodiversity of antarctic amphipod crustaceans, gathering specialized databases, validated reference collections and a network of contributing specialists. On this basis, to develop new synthetic tools to describe the biodiversity of the Southern Ocean peracarid crustacean.
  • To evaluate the ecofunctional role of the biodiversity of crustacean taxocoenoses in the benthic ecosystem of the "Antarctic Sea-Ice Zone". In particular, to evaluate the importance of the biodiversity in the production, by the study of the various trophodynamical roles, and the significance of the gigantism of the crustacean amphipods in two reference benthic communities.

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  • Ant'Phipoda: the Antarctic Marine Biodiversity Referende Centre devoted to Amphipod Crustaceans

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