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de Brauwere Anouk
Drs. Doctoral fellow

Anouk is presently a PhD student at the Department of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Her research interests are: model optimization and uncertainty estimation applied to the fields of marine biogeochemistry and mixing processes in the ocean.


  • Research programme:
    • SPSD III : Antarctica VI (Climate and Atmosphere)
  • Research group: Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Analytical and Environmental Chemistry (ANCH-VUB)
  • Research projects:
    • Assessing the sensitivity of the Southern Ocean’s biological carbon pump to climate change BELCANTO II
    • Redistribution of CO2 in the oceans interior via the biological pump (GOA22)
    • Klimaatreconstructie: experimenten, modellen en complexiteit (HOA9)
  • Related activities:
    - Visit to Matthias Tomczak (Flinders University, Adelaide) and Steve Rintoul (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research and the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystem Cooperative Research Centre) (with the support of the BE-POLES fellowship)

List of publications

Peer-reviewed articles

De Ridder F., Pintelon, R., Schoukens, J., Gillikin D. P., André L., Baeyens W., de Brauwere A. and Dehairs F. (2004), Decoding Non-linear growth rates in biogenic archives. G-cubed 5 (12), Art. No. Q12015.

de Brauwere A., De Ridder F., Pintelon R., Elskens M., Schoukens J. and Baeyens W. (2005), Model selection through a statistical analysis of the minimum of a Weighted Least Squares cost function. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 76 (2), 163-173.

de Brauwere A., De Ridder F., Elskens M, Schoukens J., Pintelon R. and Baeyens W. (2005), Refined parameter and uncertainty estimation when both variables are subject to error. Case study: Estimation of Si consumption and regeneration rates in a marine environment. Journal of Marine Systems 55 (3-4), 205-221.

Elskens M., Baeyens W., Brion N., De Galan S., Goeyens L. and de Brauwere A. (2005), Reliability of N flux rates estimated from 15N enrichment and dilution experiments in aquatic systems. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 19, GB4028, doi:10.1029/2004GB002332.

De Ridder F., de Brauwere A., Pintelon R., Schoukens J., Dehairs F., Baeyens W. and Wilkinson B. H., Comment on: Paleoclimatic inference from stable isotope profiles of accretionary biogenic hardparts—a quantitative approach to the evaluation of incomplete data, by Wilkinson, B.H., Ivany, L.C., 2002. Palaeogeogr. Palaeocl. Palaeoecol. 185, 95–114. Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology (in press).

de Brauwere A., Pintelon R., De Ridder F, Schoukens J. and Baeyens, W., Estimation of heteroscedastic measurement noise variances. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems (in press).

de Brauwere A., Jacquet S. H. M., De Ridder F., Dehairs, F., Pintelon R., Schoukens J. and Baeyens W., Water mass distributions in the Southern Ocean derived from a parametric analysis of mixing water masses. Journal of Geophysical Research (in press).

Jacquet S. H. M., de Brauwere A., De Ridder F. and Dehairs F., Investigating dissolved barium behavior in the Southern Ocean using a parametric mixing model. Geophysical Research Letters (in review).

Elskens M., Corvaisier R., Beucher C., Savoye N., Treguer P., de Brauwere A. and Baeyens W., Statistical process control in assessing production and dissolution rates of biogenic silica in marine environments. Marine Chemistry (in review).


de Brauwere Anouk
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Faculty of Sciences
Phone +32 2 629 32 64 - Fax: +32 2 629 32 74

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