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De Mesel Ilse

My main field of interest is ecology of the benthos. During my PhD I studied interactions between nematodes and micro-organisms, using an experimental approach. As a post-doctoral researcher I now focus on meiobenthic communities, and specifically nematodes, in the marine Antarctic sediments.


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  • Research project: BIANZO
  • Related activities: participation at PolePosition contest: Dutch

List of publications

Peer reviewed papers

De Mesel I, Derycke S, Swings J, Vincx M, Moens T (2003) Influence of bacterivorous nematodes on the decomposition of cordgrass. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 296: 227-242

De Mesel I, Derycke S, Moens T, Van der Gucht K, Vincx M, Swings J (2004) Top-down impact of bacterivorous nematodes on the bacterial community structure: a microcosm experiment. Environmental Microbiology 6: 733-744

Moens T, dos Santos GAP, Thompson F, Swings J, Fonseca-Genevois V, Vincx M, De Mesel I (2005) Do nematode mucus secretions affect bacterial growth ? Aquatic Microbial Ecology 40: 77-83

De Mesel I, Lee HJ, Vanhove S, Vincx M, Vanreusel A (in prep) Species diversity and distribution within the deep-sea nematode genus Acantholaimus on the continental shelf and slope in the Weddell Sea

Campaign reports

Vanreusel A, De Mesel I (2003) Biogeography and biodiversity patterns of the metazoan meiobenthos in deep Antarctic waters with special emphasis on free-living marine nematodes. In: The Expeditions ANTARKTIS-XIX/3-4 of the Research vessel Plarstern in 2002. Reports on Polar Research 470: 57-61

De Mesel I, Ingels J (in prep) Biogeography, diversity and feeding ecology of metazoan meiobenthos in the Antarctic deep-sea, with emphasis on free-living nematodes. Reports on Polar Research

Symposium abstracts

De Mesel I, Vanhove S, Vanreusel A (2005) How typical is meiofauna in Antarctica? 9th SCAR International Biology Symposium, Curitiba, Brazil


De Mesel Ilse
Marine Biologie
Universiteit Gent
Krijgslaan 281 (s8) - 9000 Gent
Tel: +32 (0)9 264 85 15

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